50Sub4 is a resource for all runners who share the goals of not only running a marathon in each of the 50 states, but also of completing them in a time of less than 4 hours.

For those of us who share this goal, running is a lifestyle and travel is a hobby. The combination of these two – while simultaneously physically and mentally challenging oneself to run a sub-4 hour marathon – is what motivates us to keep running through the cold of a Midwest winter and the heat of a summer in the South while balancing the demands of employment and our personal lives.

The purpose of the club is not to encourage runners to COMPLETE a marathon in each state. There are a number of wonderful organizations out there that support runners in this quest (50 States Marathon Club, Marathon Maniacs, etc.). In addition, while there is a social component to this club (in that we support each other in a mutually challenging quest), the primary focus of the club is to serve as a resource and “watering hole” for those of us for whom the quality of a marathon matters as much or more than actually physically covering the distance.

There are no membership dues, no club meetings to attend and a very limited membership. I would estimate that only a handful of people in the US have met this goal and less than 300 have met the minimum membership requirements (10 states). Your interest in our organization is appreciated.

1. To be accepted as a valid marathon, each event must meet the following definitions:

a. The run must be the full distance of 26 miles, 385 yards (42.125K). An ultra is any distance greater than the marathon distance.

b. Both marathons and ultras count towards meeting the requirement provided that the finish time in the respective event is LESS THAN 4 hours.

c. Completion of at least one 26.2-mile portion of an ultra in less than 4 hours may be counted as a marathon, if the race director so designates. The marathon portion of an Ironman-distance triathlon may also be counted as a marathon. You will receive extra admiration from fellow club members for completing an Ironman marathon in less than 4 hours.

d. Only one event per day may be unless the events are hosted by a different organization (i.e. a marathon run in one location in the morning and a completely different marathon run later the same day. As in (c) above, you will receive extra respect if you complete two (2) sub-4 marathons in the same day.

e. For a marathon to count, it must have had advanced publicity, preferably in a running publication such as one or more of the regional, national, international running magazines, a newspaper or web site.

f. The event must be announced as a marathon or ultra. Running a 10K race four times plus 2.125K does not qualify as a marathon event, nor does running a half-marathon twice.

g. The event shall have an announced race director or running club who supervises and takes responsibility for the event, and is available to certify the runner’s completion of the marathon. In addition, the marathon course must be USATF-certified.

h. The event shall have a minimum of 5 starters and 3 finishers.

i. A marathon shall be run without interruption except for natural events such as extreme, and temporary, weather conditions. A run temporarily interrupted may be counted if the marathon distance is completed and the results certified by the Race Director.

j. A marathon that has a route that runs into two states (Marine Corps, Fargo, Hatfield-McCoy, etc.) cannot be counted as two states; it counts as one. The run must either start or finish in the state being counted.

k. The result time counted towards qualification will be the LOWER of a) NET “chip” time or the b) “gun” time for those races not utilizing chip timing.

2. Each member shall retain some information to substantiate each event such as:

a. PREFERRED – Published event results (www.marathonguide.com, result card, etc.);

b. Finisher’s certificate

c. In the event that neither a) nor b) is available, any third-party substantiation of the finish time will be considered.

3. Completion of the circuit will be accomplished when a member has completed a marathon in under 4 hours in EACH of the 50 states of the USA (DC is not required).

When a member has completed the 50 US states, he/she needs to email a list of the marathons completed in each state including
a) Name, date and location of the marathon, and
b) marathoner’s finishing time.

This information should be emailed to 50sub4(at)gmail(.)com.

NOTE: There is no time limit for completion of the circuit. After verification of the results, you will receive a personalized 50Sub4 Marathon Club Completion Award. Information for Prospective Members when a marathoner has completed a valid sub-4 hour marathon in 10 different US states, the eligibility status will have been met. After verification, a new member will receive a welcome email notification and a results/tracking spreadsheet added to the 50sub4 Marathon Club website. The club website contains the name, email (if authorized), and results/marathon count for each member. Email race updates that are not otherwise found on marathonguide.com to Jeff Hill at 50sub4(at)gmail(.)com and your results will be updated on the website.

These are the rules of our organization. They are subject to revision as necessary and we welcome questions/comments.

To contact the 50Sub4 Marathon Club owner, email 50sub4@gmail.com.